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Denise CardinalComment

So, I am taking the jump -- the leap really -- of going "public" with my art. I have been in the public before, with my politics, with my work, but this part of me has always been so private it feels a little bit like showing everyone my cesarean scar. On the one hand, I talk to people about it -- both my art and my kids -- but to SHOW them. In the flesh, that's another thing.

One thing I've learned is that it's easy, maybe a bit too easy, to NOT do it. There are a trillion zillion reasons why I shouldn't do this. A gazillion more about how it won't matter. An infinite amount of voices in the head talking about how it's not good enough, won't matter, won't make any money anyway so why even bother? 

But then, in there. In all of that noise of negativity, I hear a small tiny voice that simply asks one very small question. Why not?

And so, here it is. Red Bird Art Studio -- the website, link to Etsy store, place to share my artistic "stuff." And now when I am asked why I am doing this, why I made this? why am I even bothering with such a seemingly trivial/meaningless/worthless endeavor, I think I know my answer.

Why not?